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Black & Gold: the Story of the John Player Specials

reference number: 99-51636


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This book, Black & Gold, has been a gleam in publisher William Taylor's eye for a long time. Probably eight years have elapsed since he and Johnny Tipler first talked about producing it. During that time Tipler spoke with the key figures from the JPS era - those who are still with us at any rate - while Taylor accumulated images of the period as well as amassing examples of John Player Special paraphernalia.The SFO agency designed and produced all the John Player Team Lotus racing apparel in its sweat shops at Stratford and Maryland in London's East End, as well as the T-shirts, stickers, anoraks and JPS merchandise that were sold to race fans at circuits. This volume shows them all.Author Johnny Tipler, hardcover, 318 pages, more than 300 photos. English text.

ISBN 9781902351636